I’m Changyanyi (Emily) Zhou, a graduate from the University of Auckland, where I majored in Environmental Science and Geography. Currently, I am pursuing my Master’s degree in Geomatics in PolyU, furthering my expertise in the field of spatial analysis and urban planning. I am deeply passionate about studying the overall condition of urban walking environments and promoting walkability in cities.

Throughout my academic journey, I have developed a keen interest in understanding the factors that influence the pedestrian experience in urban areas. I am fascinated by the intricate relationship between urban design, transportation systems, and the quality of walking environments. My research focuses on assessing the walkability of cities and developing strategies to improve pedestrian accessibility, safety, and comfort.

In addition to my academic pursuits, I have a couple of personal hobbies that bring me joy and relaxation. One of my favorite pastimes is swimming. It not only keeps me physically active but also allows me to appreciate the importance of preserving our natural water bodies. Another hobby of mine is visiting zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. Exploring these spaces not only connects me with nature but also reinforces my commitment to environmental conservation and biodiversity.

  • MSc in Geomatics, 2024

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

  • BSc in Geography (Environment & Sustainability), 2020

    The University of Auckland, New Zealand